Road Closure - Old Bethnal Green Road

The photos show a new street block in Old Bethnal Green Road between Clarkson Steet and Temple Street.

There is a plan in Bethnal Green to eliminate transit access from Hackney Road to Bethnal Green Road.  A first part of this is installing a barrier between Clarkson Street and Temple Street.  Work has started, and so there will be no possibility to transit through Old Bethnal Green Road from Cambridge Heath Road to Gossett Street any more.

The  link to the official set of Bethnal Green Neighbourhood  Projects is here

If and when the works are completed, it will not be possible to get from Hackney Road to Bethnal Green Road except via Cambridge Heath Road or Shoreditch High Street. We will keep on top of the closures as they happen this summer.  There are no others yet, we checked this morning.

Looking west at the junction of Clarkson St. and Old Bethnal Green Rd.
Looking east from the junction of Temple St. and Old Bethnal Green Rd.