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Latest News

Road Closure - St Peters Street / Wharf Road N1

A permanent no-transit traffic gate has been put at the junction of St Peters Street and Wharf Road as part of the new St Peters Low Traffic neighbourhood scheme.

A timed school-roads closure has also been put on Noel Road from 8.30am to 9.15am and from 3.15pm to 4.00 pm. See photos.

Further changes will happen on Colebrooke Row, Danbury Street and Prebend Street.

Looking from the St Peters Street side of the closure south to the Narrowboat pub.
Looking from the Wharf Road side of the closure north up to the corner of Noel Road.
Looking from St Peters Street west into Noel Road.

Road Closure - Old Bethnal Green Road

There is a plan in Bethnal Green to eliminate transit access from Hackney Road to Bethnal Green Road. A first part of this is installing a barrier between Clarkson Street and Temple Street. Work has started......
Looking west at the junction of Clarkson St. and Old Bethnal Green Rd.
Looking east from the junction of Temple St. and Old Bethnal Green Rd.

Road Closure Barnabas Road, Homerton

 In case you have missed it, Barnabas Road has been closed just south of Homerton Station. Barnabas Road  is closed for COVID reasons just south of Berger Road.  So No transit to Wick Road possible.  This is an “experimental” measure, and we don’t know the time frame of it yet.  


Pavilion Road - Top section one-way reversed

In case you hadn't spotted it:  Due to long term building works, the top section of Pavilion Road from Basil Street to Hans Crescent has had the direction reversed.  It now runs southbound.  There is also no exit from Basil Street to Sloane Street.  The video below starts at the top end of Basil Street by the closure, and turns right into Pavilion Road in the new "reverse direction".