What We Do

Green BadgeKnowledge Companion's objective is to support you with the expert reference knowledge you need to help you complete the Knowledge of London and become a Green Badge taxi driver.

There is an enormous amount of material you need to learn and remember in The Knowledge. We have collected (nearly) everything you need and organised it so that you can find it and revise it quickly and efficiently. You will also make it your own through our unique system of personal flags that you can attach to any point or run.

With Knowledge Companion, you will start out on Day 1 with a complete set of the reference notes you need - built and maintained up-to-date by experts.  Everything we do is designed to build your visual memory.

We have photographed and analysed 16000 "Points" - Buildings, Streets, Restaurants, Sports Clubs, Police Stations, Turn Restrictions and anything else we can think of that you might need.  We let you know how to arrive, depart, what the first turns are as you leave, and a whole lot more besides.

We have videoed every Blue Book Run and Link Run, every Suburban Run, and hundreds of min-runs and spins. You can watch these as often as you like, at a whole range of speeds. As London changes, we keep the videos up to date.

We collect the daily sheet information for you each day and bring it to life by instantly bringing up the detailed information about the points asked.

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