pointFor many people, Points are the most terrifying part of The Knowledge. With Knowledge Companion you will be able to get this fear under control from Day 1.  Check out the Sample Point here to see what you will get.  Click on all the links and open the tabs to see the huge range of information and photos available.

To get through The Knowledge, you will have to know a great many Points and how to handle them.  How to arrive, how to depart, what the first available turns are, where the points are on the map. It's a lot of stuff!  When you start out, you have very little idea of what to expect and what to look for.  Later on, you can spend huge amounts of time going back to discover things that you really knew already, but hadn't thought to look for.  And then, when you are in "The Chair" and you drop a point, you can easily feel "blind" and start to panic.  That's really uncomfortable, and our aim is to support you with the right reference information so that you can make Points your friends, not your enemies.

We have photographed and analysed the details of  practically every Point you will need to complete The Knowledge, and probably a lot more besides.  The moment that you start using Knowledge Companion you will feel - and see - the difference.  You are able to personalise your Points in Knowledge Companion using our unique system of "Personal Flags".  you can mark points so they appear on your Pointing List, mark them for your Revision Lists, mark them as having been visited, and more besides.

Our aim is to help you collect Points really efficiently, and then to be able to revise them rapidly and often. This is the combination that helps build your 3D visual picture of London that is the key to Knowledge success.  As you build your confidence with points you will get to the time when you can "see" one point in your mind, and then mentally "see" the next one down the road, or across the street, or round the corner.

Check out the Sample Point here