Run Videos

We have made videos of every Blue Book Run, every Link Run, every Suburban Run, and hundreds more.  For the main runs we are makinng beginner versions with street names on them. When there is a road layout change we update the relevant videos and run lines. The purpose of our runs are twofold.  First, when you are learning a run, it really helps if you can view a video a couple of times before you go out and drive it. For the main runs we are making beginner versions with street names on them.  After you have driven the run you can quickly revise and recall the "feel" of the run by watching the video again. Perfect for keeping you up to speed with all areas of London.

Most videos are available to you at two speeds: "normal speed" and "4x speed".  Together with the in-app speed options it means you can play the videos at anything from 0.5 normal speed up to 8x normal speed.  This gives a great range for beginners who want to pick out the points on the way up to experts who just want to refresh their visual memory. For Suburban Runs we use "2x Speed" and "10x Speed" as the basis - the runs are much longer, and your Knowledge is at a higher level by the time you get to them!

Our "Spin Runs" (coming soon) video those tricky places where you need to learn to turn a cab around without doing a u-turn or avoid a turn restriction. 

Our Mini-Runs (coming soon) give a range of the short runs within one of the quarter mile areas.  They are designed to help build your visual knowledge of a 1/4 mile zone.

To get a feel for our videos, check them out below in the first Blue Book Run - Manor House Station to Gibson Square.

Sample Run - Manor House Station to Gibson Square